Mary’s Grace was founded as a result of LaTonya’s quest to balance and meet the demands of being both a minister and the mother of a special needs child.  After giving birth to premature twins, named Taylor and Hunter, at 25 weeks gestation and only weighing 1.6 lbs and 1.7 lbs., her life was forever changed.  LaTonya understands the importance and the value of modern medicine and early intervention; thus the twins began receiving services the same week they were discharged from the NICU. 


The journey to health and wholeness then began.  At the age of two, Taylor was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. Instead of focusing on the negative impacts of the diagnosis, LaTonya chose to focus and to provide everything both her twins needed to live to their fullest potential.  LaTonya reached back to the lessons from her parents, Tony and Phyllis, and her grandmother, Mary, who taught her to view her daughter for the gift of God she truly was/is, and to begin the journey of teaching others to see ability, not disability.  Mary’s Grace chooses to operate in the love and the grace of God towards all people.


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